Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 14-16, DAY 32-34

Some of the highlights from the last few days:

Arrived at the Costa Rican boarder. When we pulled up to the boarder, James and Stacey, who were in the lead vehicle position got swarmed by the “boarder fixers.” They were like a plague of locusts, completely enveloping their truck. We assured the fixers repeatedly we were capable of getting ourselves across the boarder, but they just wouldn’t let up. Finally, James, our New Yorker, turned on his New York attitude and the fixers got the hint real quick. Got ourselves and the vehicles out of Nicaragua and imported in to Coast Rica. It was all very smooth. 


Stopped at the “Jumbo Market” in Liberia for food. True to our experience with pervious grocery stores, this one had an affinity for music. A band was playing in the entrance to the grocery store. We just had to laugh. 

Arrived at Playa Tamarindo, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We were going to camp in the parking lot of a place called Lola’s (Lola is a big old pig) but there were tons of people there. It was clearly the happening spot. While us girls hit the local clothing and jewelry vendors, the boys found us a great place to camp down the road right on the beach. 

Spent the next day combing the beach for shells, relaxing, doing laundry, swimming in the pacific ocean, and eating at the charming little place next door. The waves were great and attracted many surfers to the area. The water temperature was warm. Air temp was about 88 degrees. The beach was sandy and beautiful. 


After dinner next door, I sat in one of the hammocks on the beach. My senses were tantalized – swinging in the hammock, the ocean surf roaring before me, the stars were brilliant and bright, only obstructed by the palm trees swaying in the slight breeze above me, and Jane Monhet playing softly in the background. It was a lovely way to end a most amazing day. 


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