Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 12-13, DAY 30, 31

Left the volcano and headed toward the beach via an overland route. Really nice narrow road, lots of greenery, pretty trees sometimes creating a canopy over the road, that constantly gained and lost elevation. At one point we could see the volcano we just camped at, at another we could see the city of Managua. Some of the power lines were low-hanging. Sometimes we would have to get out and get a stick to lift them a little so the large EarthRoamer could fit under them. All the towns people seemed real friendly. One man welcomed us by shouting out, “Welcome to Nicaragua.” 


Arrived at beach around 5pm. We wanted to drive out on the beach and camp, but there was a full-moon tide so the water was about 10 feet higher than normal on the beach, leaving little room for us. We drove down the road trying to find beach access to no avail. Finally, we stumbled upon a large lot with a grande palm ramada with a nice tile floor mere feet from the beach. Asked both neighbors and no one said they’d seen the owner in a long time. We debated, but finally decided to camp there. The owner did end up coming by the next day and was happy to have us there.


Spent the next day relaxing, exploring, working on the trucks, and braving the powerful pacific ocean before we concluded with an exceptional group dinner of curry BBQ’d chicken, rice, and stir-fry vegetables in a coconut ginger sauce.  


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