Ends of the Earth Expedition, March 1, DAY 19

In the Jungles of Guatemala: 

I had never driven in the jungle before and definitely didn’t have the experience handing the vehicle in the mud. The vehicle felt very out of control because of the deep ruts and mud. I liken it to one of those rides at Disneyland where your vehicle is on a track, it pulls you this way and that depending on which track you are on and the steering wheel seems to have a mind of its own. It felt very out of control to me at first, because once you get your wheels in a rut, the vehicle moves around almost without your control. The surface feels very slippery and it was common to feel like the vehicle was being pulled sideways. You think you’re going straight, but all of a sudden you are bearing right, because the rut turns right. Scott kept saying, “don’t fight the rut.” I guess the danger is that you could end up with your axels in different ruts and that could really turn you sideways. In addition to the mud and ruts, my challenge was to also avoiding trees, vines, and vegetation that was in the path. So anyways, I eventually found my rhythm. I did get stuck once. The mud got too deep and I didn’t give it enough gas. Then when Scott was having me back it out, I gave it too much gas and got us buried to the axels. Scott jumped out and got the tow strap. Hooked it up to John and Tammy’s Jeep and they pulled me backwards. Quick and painless. So it was great. If you ever have the chance to drive in the jungle, do it. I highly recommend it. 



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