Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 26, DAY 16

So we went to the zoo today. Seem kinda random to me initially, but it was really great to see the native species. The sign at the entrance to the zoo gave me pause. It read, “Notice: guarded by dogs and armed guards.”  


Began to walk through the zoo. First stop was the Tapir’s. More commonly known as “land cows.” They kinda seemed like a cross between an ant eater and a baby hippo. They had these long snouty noses, that retracted back and forth. Then the spider monkeys. They were just sitting in the trees reclining. The zoo had parrots, a harpie eagle (this eagle can eat an anteater), toucans – amazingly colorful beak. And so strange that such a huge beak could be on such a medium size bird. There were several small cats, a big fat crocodile, a puma reclining in the shade, howler monkeys. They were very interested in eating. One was hanging upside down by his tail eating from the branch below him. There were lots of bird species. But the finale, was a 2-year old jaguar. He was active and extremely interested in a pink ball. It was so fun to see a 200 lb jaguar act just like a domestic house cat (well, relatively speaking). He was batting his ball around, chewing on it, laying on the ground, kicking it with his back feet. At one point he got it stuck between some trees and couldn’t figure out how to get it out. He jumped to the top of a raised platform and came down the other side with a thud. He was beautiful. And so completely unaware of us.


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