Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 25, DAY 15

Headed toward the Belizian boarder. The crossing was pretty low-key. Only took about an hour to get all of us across. We had the vehicle importation, non-native species car wash, the travel visa, vehicle insurance, and finished by paying our fee. Very quick and simple. It helped that Belize is a english speaking country. 

It’s weird, because as soon as you crossed the boarder it looked and FELT different. Not just the vegetation, but the entire attitude. The drivers were much calmer. It was clean, the bathrooms had toilet paper, the dogs seemed contained. We kept seeing signs along the road that taught safety and cleanliness. The vegetation became more and more lush. Everything was green. There were huge palm trees, and miles and miles of sugar cane. 


We needed to be close to the International airport outside of Belize city by nightfall because one of the team members was flying out in the morning. Unfortunately, there was no place to camp close to the airport, but we found a great resort called The Black Orchid. 


The Black Orchid KICKED BUTT. It was great. A nice spread on the river. It had beautifully manicured gardens, magnificent trees, a pool, outdoor seating areas, hammocks hung from trees, vollyball courts, huge grassy areas, thached roof outdoor rooms. The buildings were all a cream colored plantation style. All the people who worked there were super nice. Our room was clean and spacious, on the second floor, and had a large balcony that overlooked the river and a gorgeous tree. 

All met downstairs in the dining room about 7 pm for dinner. Had a nice dinner. Most of us had pasta. Desert was nice. We had brownies with ice cream. I don’t know what it was, but that brownie was to die for.   


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