Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 23-24, DAY 13-14

Day 13:

Arrived at Costa de Cocos, in Xcalac, on the Caribbean ocean. It has about a dozen hatched-roof bungalows (with hammocks in each room), restaurant, dive shop, and fishing boats. We arrived about 4 pm. Met up with John and Tammy who would be traveling with us the remainder of the journey.


Day 14:

I don’t want to rub anything in for those of you at home or reading this from the comfort of your cubicle, but I am typing this from a hammock on the beach. The crystal blue water of the Caribbean stretches out before me. In my line of sight are palm trees (with coconuts, no less), several docked fishing boats, a cluster of mangroves, the thatch roofed restaurant (great salsa, and the owner said she is making carrot cake for dessert tonight – my favorite), some beach chairs, oh, and my feet propped up on the multi-colored hammock. My hair is still dripping wet from the snorkeling trip we just returned from. Some fishermen just passed by after returned from a day at sea and showed us their catch, a three-foot barracuda. 


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