Surefire torture test

Comprehensive equipment reviews are all well and good, but there’s nothing like screwing up in the real world to give a piece of gear a workout.

The other day I rode my new (well, 39 years old really, but restored) Triumph Trophy into Tucson. I strapped my Filson shoulder bag on the back, with my Surefire EL2 Outdoorsman (reviewed in the winter ’08 issue) flashlight clipped in an outside pocket. I don’t know if I caught it on something or what, but after the six miles of dirt road and 30 miles of pavement into Tucson, it was gone. 

I looked for it on the way home, but no luck. The next morning I got on the Suzuki DR650 and carefully re-searched the washboarded dirt section of the road. Again, no luck, so I gave it up as lost.

Two days after that, Roseann and I drove in to town – and there, in the middle of the washboard section, in plain sight, was the flashlight. It had obviously been run over numerous times. It must have been kicked over into the verge when I searched for it, and then subsequently run over and kicked back into the road later. It’s scarred and scratched all over – and still working perfectly.




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