Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 22, DAY 12

Left the beach in route to the jungle camp and ruins in Calakmul. As we neared the ruins, the vegetation grew thicker. Sometimes the canopy would enclose the road in a tunnel of vegetation or there would be vines hanging from above down into the road. 


We parked and paid our fee at the visitor center that reminded me of the Jungle Book tours at Disneyland – thatched roof, dark colored furniture, open dark wood shuttered windows.


Began walking down the jungle trail. Almost immediately we saw a group of about 6 monkeys crossing in the trees above us. It was unbelievably cool (this means a lot from someone who hates monkeys).


Came to our first ruin. It was one of the smaller temples, but still pretty good size. Once everyone climbed to the top, we could see another bigger temple in the distance, which we just had to make our way to. 


All in all, we climbed about 4 of the temples and saw several more, plus smaller dwellings. It seemed all of the temples had 10-12 foot tall upright stones in front of each of them. They were pretty worn down, but on some of them you could still see the carvings in the stone. My personal favorite at each site, was the trees growing out of the temple steps. Seemed like something you would see in an Indiana Jones movie. The stairs were pretty steep and some of them were quite tall and narrow (you might get a few similar steps, and then you’d get a 3 foot high step followed by a 4 inch wide step). It wasn’t so much a problem going up, but it played with your mind a little going down. You knew that if you took a wrong step you’d be falling to your death (well maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but at the very least, you’d be taking the medivac home). 


Our day was capped of with a must-go dinner (everything must go) and my first firefly sighting (ever).  


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