Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 21, DAY 11

Nothing much to report. We had an extra long driving day today because were were unable to make our jungle camp last night due to a horrific accident caused by a storm that reduced visibility to two car lengths through a windy mountain pass. We basically sat in bumper to bumper traffic for six hours. I was so bored, I considered reading…and I was driving. We got off the freeway to get gas and coffee and didn’t lose our place on the highway. 


Anyway, we got in after dark (something we don’t like to do). The camp spot in Isla Aguada was great, except it was located next to the local discotec (it was a Saturday night). The music, complete with DJ, was so loud  I seriously contemplated going next door and joining them (because I knew I wouldn’t be getting any sleep). But in the end, I put my ear plugs in and read until I fell asleep. 

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