Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 20, DAY 10

Went out to the Aztec pyramids of the sun and moon this morning. Besides the two large pyramids, the complex where the pyramids are is huge. There were many other ruins over a pretty large area- and they were still excavating. 


We got to the pyramids early so there was not a lot of other people there, but climbing up to the top along side us was a set of Chinese tourists. They were cutting up at the top, taking pictures of themselves doing silly things and laughing. We were about to head down the pyramid, when one of the women in the group approached Stacey and, we thought, asked her to take a picture of the woman and another tourist. But it turns out the woman wanted to take a picture of Stacey with one of the Chinese tourists. Stacey agreed so the woman took her picture. But then the woman wanted a picture of everyone. The woman rounded us all up and made us stand together as a big group for a top of the pyramid photo op. So we have pictures of us and all the Chinese tourists on the top of the pyramid of the sun. The Chinese people didn’t speak english, and we didn’t speak Chinese, so we were communicating in Spanish. It was great. 


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