Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 18, DAY 8

Life on the Road: We spent the morning in camp. Had a group breakfast, then everyone did laundry. We set up two Action Packer bins. One for washing, one for rinsing. Strung about 80 feet of line (between all of us), and hung everything out to dry. Even the trees had clothes hung on them. 


Headed into town about noon, via a taxi (burgundy minivan). First stop was the mummy museum. At first you felt like you were at the haunted house at Disneyland (good effects), but then you realized these were real people. The mummy museum was kinda creepy and definitely not for the faint of heart. (Pictures and story to come in future issues of Overland Journal). 


After lunch, the group split up. The girls walked around the city shopping, the guys went to an Internet cafe to work and check e-mail. One of the girls stops was the market. It was a 2-story indoor/outdoor bazaar of food vendors, fresh produce, flowers, fresh meat items (most notably chicken feet and some other things I couldn’t identify), tourist stuff, clothing, obscure house items. 


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