Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 17, DAY 7

Arrived at our camp spot in Guanajuato. Decided not to take all the vehicles into town, so all seven of us piled into the two Jeep EarthRoamers and we drove into Guanajuato Centro. Let me just say, this is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever had the privilege of exploring. Do not let life pass you by without visiting this city. Guanajuato is a magnificent feast for your eyes. All the buildings are richly colored: reds, oranges, yellow, blue, purple, lime green. There is an abundance of wrought iron, flowers, beautiful architectural details, statues, huge churches, ornate concrete and tile work, fountains, columns, keyholes in doors, hand carved doors with ornate details, crazy knockers (I’m talking on doors, not women), “lantern” street lamps. Lots of fun restaurants, little shops. I could go on…

Guanajuato is a university town, so there were tons of young people and the city had a great vibe. But the coolest part of the whole city was the underground tunnels. As you descend into one of the underground tunnels, you immediately become Indiana Jones in a rickety runaway cart traveling wildly through an abandoned diamond mine. Miles of tunnels, twist, turn, and intersect each other. As an added bonus, water periodically drips from the ceiling enhancing the ambiance of the near pitch black rock tunnel. 

After our walking tour with a local guide, we had dinner at a beautiful two-story Italian restaurant that overlooked the square. The waiters were kind enough to move our table into the doorway of the second floor balcony, so we could enjoy the people, music, and others dining by candlelight below. It was a fitting end to an amazing day.  


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