Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 16, DAY 6

On our way to Tequila. The toll roads are great. Divided four-lane, nicely paved highways with speed limits at 110 km (about 65 MPH). 


About 35 miles outside Tepic, we began to see the scenery change dramatically. Began around the inactive Ceboruco volcano, with volcanic rock, then we began noticing stands of palm trees, which turned into full-fledged lush sub-tropic vegetation as we gained elevation towards Jala. When we came down the other side of the large grade, the scenery returned once again to dry and deserty.


As we neared Tequila, we began seeing huge fields of agave, the plant used to make tequila. There were miles upon miles of the green, angular, spiky plant. 


Cooked dinner, then decided to head across the street for tequila shots (we couldn’t come to Tequila and not have tequila). Got a bottle of Arette, an nejo (aged tequila). The restaurant was a dive and the tequila was weak, but now we can officially say we’ve had tequila in Tequila. 

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