Ends of the Earth Expedition, February 15, DAY 5

Drove from El Fuerte to Mazatlan. About a 6.5 hour driving day on a paved 4 lane road. Passed through many mid-sized towns along the way. There were lots of people out and about in each town. I felt like a spectator in a strange abstract dance watching the people, trucks, bicyclists, burrows, dogs, street vendors, motorcyclists, farm animals and tractors, all move in and around each other seemingly without rhyme or reason, but flawlessly. 


Arrived at our camp spot in Mazatlan. Despite the ocean stretched out before us, we instantly became the center of attention of all the people already at the RV campground. We had an endless stream of people wandering by to ask about the vehicles. 


Charlie, Dave’s son, needed a hair cut and a little old barber guy just happened to come walking by. It was perfect. Charlie sat in a camp chair, the guy covered him with a white cape and went to work cutting his hair out in the open on the beach by the EarthRoamers. 


We concluded the day at “the internet cafe.” We found the area outside the showers had especially good internet reception. Four of us set up our chairs and broke out the laptops. In the dark of night four faces, each lost in their own world, being illuminated by glowing crystals. 


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