Photo safari

The morning started with a quick trip to Peru. No, not by aeroplane or automobile, but by way of these little brown beans. It must be true that the essence of a place can be captured and taken far away so that others can experience a little of what it’s like. Such is the gift of good coffee from a place like Peru, which I sipped on contentedly at Prescott Coffee Roasters while Rich was returning from a delivery. Upon his arrival I packed him and his camera into my truck and we headed off to Watson Lake for a photo safari.

I wasn’t planning on shooting much, so I only took my little Canon point-and-shoot. Rich brought his Nikon D300 with a 400mm lens and 1.4x tele-converter. The lens is so enormous with the hood on it, that I’ve told Rich he needs a pair of wheels for it. I figured I’d have my hands full with paddling and steering duties. After all, Rich was counting on my mad canoe skills (ha!), so as not to spill us into the drink with his beloved camera and lens naked to the world. I don’t know an exact dollar figure, but lets just say that his setup could easily finance a selfish year-long sabbatical in Mexico for a guy like me. Okay, maybe two years. Was I nervous? nah. Unfortunately, all of the fun shots I got of Rich in the canoe with his lens are lost in cyberspace. My little Canon failed to record any of my shots. I can’t complain considering I’ve put the poor little thing through hell for many years. I’m amazed it was still working at all.

Rich’s camera on the other hand, was working marvelously, and he managed to bag some sweet shots including this Bald Eagle, a suspected sub-adult male Harrier, and a hunting Heron. Rich is not only a talented photographer, he’s an artist when it comes to roasting coffee beans. Taste some for yourself with a visit to Prescott Coffee Roasters (virtual or in person; they sell online). Link:  Prescott Coffee Roasters  Be sure to pour yourself a cup of something nice and look at some more of Rich’s photography. Link:  Rich Gregory’s photo galleries



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