Hurricane Lake

Stephen and Cindy Scott\'s Land Rover Discovery with blue Chaser Trailer

Our good friends at Adventure Trailers recently hosted another fine customer-appreciation event in the cool mountains of northern Arizona. I must say they have good taste in camp sites. They rented Hurricane Lake from the White Mountain Apache tribe, and organized a four-day camp-out with trail drives, mountain hikes, and lots of fishing. In the weeks leading up to the event, and along the drive there, I mentioned Hurricane Lake to people and noticed a common lack of knowledge for the place, even among Arizonans. This became especially amusing when the blank stares came from locals in the nearby towns of Springerville and Heber. Leave it to Adventure Trailers to find not only geographically remote locations, but culturally remote locations.

Paul May of Equipt Expediton Outfitters conducts a clinic on Tent Tips and Tricks

The lake is certainly a special place, and the perfect setting for relaxing with friends¾ lots of friends. It was nice to park my truck for almost four days, deploy the roof tent, and fully soak up the atmosphere. One afternoon, I sat on the banks of the lake with Mario Donovan of Adventure Trailers while he showed me a favorite fishing rod of his. It was handmade just for him by a long-lost friend from another time in his life. With fluid casts of carefully selected lures, the scene was quiet with only the sounds of insects, the fish breaking the surface of the water, and the “zzzzzz” of the reel on the rod. Perfect.

Fishing for Apache Trout at Hurricane Lake (catch and release only)

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