Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting

There is nothing more humbling and inspiring for the overlander than to go to a Horizons Unlimited travelers meeting.

Being surrounded by current legends like Grant Johnson, Greg Frasier and future legends like Annette Birkmann and Dave Peterson will inspire even the seasoned traveler to new heights; to follow their stories and listen to them talk is a tonic for work-a-day life. It was just this environment we enjoyed in Silverton, Colorado for the annual HUBB meeting July 10th through the 13th. Surrounded by the magnificent San Juan Mountains, and the relics of Colorado mining history this was the perfect setting to catch up with travelers, show slides, give clinics and meet fantastic people. Sitting at lunch one day I quizzed Dave Peterson on his future plans having just completed a three-year round-the-world on his BMW 650.

“I plan on starting again in about six weeks.”


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