Overland Journal

Ad Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Please refer to past issues of Overland Journal to study our simple and refined magazine image; we request that ads are built to be consistent with this image, including high-quality images that are evocative of responsible overland adventure, with earth-tone colors and classic fonts. Please refrain from using pricing in advertisements as material may become dated. Ads displaying inappropriately dressed individuals, or suggestive or sexual imagery, will not be accepted.

At its discretion, Overland Journal reserves the right to refuse advertising content that is offensive, inappropriate, or inconsistent with the basic design appearance of Overland Journal.

General Information

  • - Overland Journal page size is 9" x 10.875"
  • - Overland Journal accepts ads in the following formats: PDF, EPS, TIFF

Ad Requirements

  • - Resolution 300 dpi
  • - Embedded fonts
  • - Black copy must be 100% black: C0 M0 Y0 K100
  • - Black backgrounds should be rich black: C40 M30 Y30 K100
  • - CMYK color

Send all advertising and production materials to


Stephanie Brady,


Contact for link and current password. (If FTP site is utilized, advertiser is responsible to send an e-mail to to advise designer that ad content has been posted.)


3035 N Tarra Ave, Suite 1, Prescott, AZ 86301

Display Advertising Dimensions

Page trim size: 9" x 10.875" Bleed: .125" IMPORTANT: Keep live matter (copy, boarders, logos, etc) .5" from trim.

Space Unit Non-Bleed Bleed
Full Page 8.375" x 10.375" 9.25" x 11.125"
1/2 Page Horizontal 8.375" x 5.0625" n/a
1/4 Page 4.0625" x 5.0625" n/a

The accuracy of all ads supplied are the responsibility of the advertiser or ad agency.


Please contact Stephanie Brady at (928) 777-8567 or , if you have any questions about submissions.